My top 25 Hip-Hop albums of 1991

Par défaut
  1. A Tribe Called QuestThe Low End Theory
  2. De La SoulDe La Soul Is Dead
  3. Gang StarrStep in the Arena
  4. KMDMr. Hood
  5. 3rd BassDerelicts of Dialect
  6. Freestyle FellowshipTo Whom It May Concern…
  7. Del tha Funkeé HomosapienI Wish My Brother George Was Here
  8. Black SheepA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
  9. Main SourceBreaking Atoms
  10. StetsasonicBlood Sweat & No Tears
  11. N.W.A Efil4zaggin
  12. Digital UndergroundSons of the P
  13. Ed O.G. & Da BulldogsLife of a Kid in the Ghetto
  14. UMC’s Fruits of Nature
  15. Organized Konfusion s/t
  16. Ice CubeDeath Certificate
  17. GZAWords From the Genius
  18. MC Solaar Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo
  19. Geto BoysWe Can’t Be Stopped
  20. Public EnemyApocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black
  21. IAMDe la Planète Mars
  22. Sylk Smoov – II
  23. WC and the Maad CircleAin’t a Damn Thang Changed
  24. NTMAuthentik
  25. Leaders of the New SchoolA Future Without a Past

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